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So after several weeks off DSB is back up and running. Excellent post by Max Power below and that means we are officially back on track. We did not plan on taking a break but after the Steelers Super Bowl win and a kick ass party at ZJ's, a short break was seriously needed. Special thanks to Ms. ZJ for pouring us shots after ZJ did his Ike Turner impression and for understanding that Max Power really did go to the max. Time to pack away the Terrible Towel until next season.

In case you failed to read the comments section from the last posting, you should know that Max Power walked away from getting hit by a truck. Now thanks to modern society placing video camera's on all cellphones we have video evidence of Max Power's accident.

A British city council is offering employees time off for cosmetic surgery... now this is progressive politics I can get behind.

Chicks from MySpace.com with huge cans making stupid faces... if you click only one link this week make it should be this one.

Nine looks you should avoid as a man...


How to fail at a keg stand: 1. Don't take your hands out of your pockets. 2. Fall on face.

Another more painful face plant...

Stuff I thought...

Too late for Terri Schiavo jokes now?

I've seen the picture. Michael Phelps really should have gone with the, "I was just blowing that glass penis" defense. Go gay. Swimming is already a little gay.

To everyone who writes "meh" in internet comment sections: Kudos. You've managed to articulate what, "absolutely nothing of value" sounds like.

Getting drunk with coworkers is always more depressing than you expect it to be...

Bearcat's Not Quite Top Ten Top Ten...

Top Ten Things White People Think About Black History Month.

10. Black History month again? Fuck. Didn't we just do that?

8. George Washington Carver

7. He just invented peanut butter right?

5. MLK Jr.

4. Hank Aaron

3. George Washington Carver

1. George Washington Carver

Mini Rant...

Brett Favre this week retired. Again. You can read how he is really retired this time from ESPN or you can find Internet articles about how he is two-faced SOB and he will be back (no real media is going to trash this guys shitty reputation). But I am not here to tell you about that crap. I am here to complain about all the shit we are going to have to put up with. First, Brett Favre is not that fucking great. Yeah he played in 291 consecutive games (including playoffs). He played in two Super Bowls and won one. But he should also be remembered by his talent for throwing game killing INTs and TAINTs and for throwing wide receiver killing passes (Here catch this ball that is two feet right and two feet too high while crossing the middle... that linebacker is not going to hit you so hard that he will take more life from you than a four pack a day smoking habit...trust me I'm your veteran QB) Yet, there are going to be at least five teams (Vikings, Chiefs, Lions, Bills, Bears) that will be rumored to be in talks with him this off season. (Lead horse in this race has to be Vikings... right?) Even if he does not come back we are going to have to hear about his "desire to play the game and his ultra competitive nature" daily. ESPN is going to punish you and me with constant updates from Buttfuck, Mississippi after they insert Rachel Nichols up Favre's ass. Christ, I am ready to cancel my cable already. So lets assume that he does not come back to play. If he some how manages to stay retired (even money says he comes back) how long until he writes his autobiography where he throws every coach, position player, manager and reporter under the bus. It will be their fault that he won only one Super Bowl when he had the talent to win so many, many more. If only those cheap Green Bay execs would have spent the money for true talent to support the Great, HOF, "played the game the right way", gunslinger, QB. Due date for this toilet paper? Wild Card weekend 2010. Why then? Because we can't have the playoffs without Brett Favre. Fuck, what else would be talked about if he were not in our lives? And guess what you can expect the next off season if he does sit out the 2009 season. Discussion about how he is only 40 years young, thinks he has something "left in the tank" and rumors of him coming to play for the Vikings, Chiefs, Lions... Fuck. Me.

Thanks for coming and suckling on Daddy's Sugar Ball... take the time to comment and let us know you were here.


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  1. Love, love, love the clip of Max Power getting t-boned by the truck!