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Just some links and video today... If it works out tomorrow might see a running diary for the first two games of wild card weekend. So without further ado... the Links

Dane Cook's brother/business manager apparently embezzled millions of Dane's money even going so far as to write himself a three million dollar check... after watching Tourgasm... I feel like that check should have been written to me. I would not convict this guy... I don't think I could.

Artificial virgin hymen... obviously NSFW... I really don't even know what to say about this product

Letters from working girls... this is what rock bottom sounds like

Five drinking myths that can actually kill you...

This is some fucked up shit right here...

The only thing more painful than watching Taylor Swift avoid the Jonas Brothers for about an hour on a stage the size of Prius was watching Dick Clark do the countdown... someone pull the plug on this. (pun intended)

Stuff I thought over the past week....

News Headline I'd Like to See: Economy Now Excuse for Everything.

List of the most depressing places to get drunk: 1) Mall Food Court 2)Toyota Tracel 3) North Dakota.

Road head is proof that God loves man yet wants man to die in a horrifying and fiery crash.

Why would anyone be willing to play football at BYU?

Ms. Bearcat asked me this week "Do you think the crime rate in Detroit is so high because the Lions lost all their games?" Me: (answering in .0002 seconds) Yes.

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