Need to make some money? Gamble on some playoff football!

Seeing how DSB's other two editors haven't exactly made you any money by telling you who to choose the last two weeks, they have begged me to share my intimate knowledge of football and gambling to save face with you, the reader. No need to thank me; just buy me a beer and marvel at my abilities (home team in CAPS).

Ravens (+3) over TITANS

Fact #1: The Ravens have played exceptionally well over the last ten weeks of the season, with rookie QB Joe Flacco smartly following the patented Ben Roethlisberger Rookie Plan©: let your defense control the tempo of the game, take what the defense gives you and don't kill your team's chances with unnecessary mistakes.

Fact #2: Kerry Collins is prominently involved. You can't trust Collins to play must-win football against the Baltimore defense, which is scary-good. Baltimore's game plan is to shut down the vaunted Titan running game—which they will do—forcing Collins to make plays. This is a near-impossibility. I pray you didn't lay the points.

The Pick: Ravens 24, Titans 16

PANTHERS (-10) over Cardinals

Despite everyone picking this one, this is by far the easiest call of the week. Everyone knows Arizona can't win in the eastern time zone and that Carolina is 8-0 at home. It's midnight, Cinderella.

The Pick: Panthers 31, Cardinals 17

GIANTS (-4) over Eagles

Is it me, or does everyone love the Eagles now? Sure, they didn't implode against the Vikings last week, but is that reason enough to take them over the New York Football Giants, who were the class of the league all season long? The Giants are fresh off a much-needed bye with a healthy Brandon Jacobs, who's injury coincided with New York's sluggish play at the end of the season. I'm not buying the whole "Philly's peaking" mantra being thrown around by their deranged fans and the media; they crushed a soulless Dallas team that had given up in Week 17, but couldn't muster any offense against an indifferent Redskins team in Week 16. I do believe the Giants were holding back until wrapping up home-field advantage against the Panthers, and they give Philly both barrels on Sunday.

The Pick: Giants 30, Eagles 13

Chargers (-6) over STEELERS

Another West Coast team playing in the eastern time zone. Rivers, Sproles and the San Diego defense give Charger fans reason to believe, and I think this one will be the marquee slugfest of the weekend. The Chargers defense is peaking right now and flying to the ball, which gives them a good chance against the Steelers punch-less offense. Thanks to LaDainian Tomlinson's petrifying lower body, Darren Sproles is getting his rightful opportunity to scare the bejeezus out of opposing defenses and no QB has put his team on his shoulders as well as Philip Rivers has. I don't care. The weather in Pittsburgh right now is tailor-made for playoff football, Steeler-style. No coach in the game can motivate a team like Mike Tomlin can, and this will be too easy for him to persuade his team to ratchet it up a notch. No one's afraid of the Steelers O because it isn't explosive, but the playing conditions tomorrow will dictate Steeler football: grind the other team down and pick your spots to hit tight ends over the middle and receivers downfield. It won't be pretty, but your wallet will be when it's over.

The Pick: Steelers 20, Chargers 17


  1. I am betting your lines... hopefully I can afford a ZJ after this is over. Go Steelers

  2. Um ... better not. I went 0-3-1. Sorry, jackass!