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The NFL has a "Terrible" idea for a Towel. As a Steeler fan and having loved and missed Myron Cope, this just pissed me off. The NFL would never have tried this if Cope was alive.

LDT is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Steelers... way to cement that legacy of coming up short at the end of the season. I am sure Tom Jackson will take the time on Sunday NFL Countdown to defend you HOF credentials... I can hear it now "Its not his fault. The San Diego Chargers have either run him or thrown to him on every play over the past 5 years. Playing professional football in the National Football League is hard on professional National Football League players bodies and LT's National Football League groin is a victim of white coaches in the National Football League."

I am NOT defending Adam "Missle Command" Jones...but this is another example of ESPN making the news it reports. ESPN is too close this situation and is both part of the story and the reporting. How is this not a conflict? ESPN needs to stop making the news...

The man who accidentally ran over John Gotti's young son was allegedly dumped in a vat of acid by a twisted Gambino hit man. Charles Carneglia, 62, who is awaiting trial for five Mafia murders, once boasted of his sick specialty in a tutorial for a turncoat would-be mobster, explaining "that acid was the best method to use to avoid detection." This is a great news story and is a must read.

Man breaks into an adult shop and has sex with the dolls... need I say more?

This video is called 2 girls 1 cup. It is the most fucked up video I have ever seen. This video makes Japanese porn look like Sesame Street. I think this was the video that Nicholas Cage was watching in 8mm... I am serious be careful. (Of course you are going to click on this but at least you have been forewarned)

Stuff I thought...

Finding a good relationship is like digging through a discount DVD bin; they all suck but a couple might start to look OK in context with one another.

Wearing a stained, old, plain white T-shirt out in public is subtle way of letting everyone around you know, "I've got nothing to lose."

"Mentos moments" look more like "I'm pretty drunk but I have an idea" moments to me...

Those Wendy's 3conomics guys can go 4uck themselves.

Bearcat's not quite Top Ten...

Not Quite Top Ten first names for CNN Anchors:

10. Wolf

9. Affirmative Action

7. Progresso

5. Campbell

4. Thirty Six

2. Qwerty

1. Anderson

Mini rant...

Quick thought about the Jets, Mangini, and Farve...

1. You have to believe that Mangini wanted to bench Farve in week 12 or 13 (if not 11) right? He had to consider it. My guess is Jets management said no. (Farve is managment)

2. At that point he was fired...he just did not know it yet.

3. Farve cost the Jets a real chance at getting Bill Cowher. I don't believe the story about Bill not wanting the job after the owner did not take the time to meet with him. I think he asked if Farve was coming back... Jets said "We want him back." Bill said no thanks.

4. If Roger Clemens was not a child molester I would be lobbying for Farve to inherit the Anti-Christ label. Between the Lions-Gate (which did not get enough scrutiny), his pill popping (forgot about that one right?), his constant on again off again retirement, his uncanny ability to throw wide receive killing pass and game killing INTs and the constant drum beat of his hall of fame status by media glory-holers I want to see this guy come back next year only for the hope of the chance to see him paralyzed by a James Harrison sack.

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Go Steelers!


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