Boston sports nightmare...

From ESPN's Sports Guy: “Just know that if a gutty 11-5 Pats team is forced to sit out the playoffs because NFL rules demand that one of these two crappy AFC West teams be included, I'm sending a special homemade batch of holiday turd egg nog to the NFL offices with the note "ATTN: Roger Goodell." Damn it all.”

I am going to root for this out come like I have never rooted for anything my entire life. I want, nay, I need this to happen, I need it in my life like I need oxygen. After celebrating the Brady knee-capping earlier this year, I need to celebrate the failure of an 11-5 Patriots team making the playoffs. This would be the one of most wonderful events of my life. I would celebrate it like a wedding. I am seriously considering making a deal with the devil just to ensure this scenario plays out. God help me.


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