Happy New Year...

I am a Pitt fan... I make no bones about who I root for in sports... if it is a Pittsburgh sports team I am in. But Pitt Football, throughout my life has been a really tough one to get behind. They are just always spinning their wheels... even in the Johnny Majors years it was never enough for Pittsburgh sports fans. So what is my alternative? Penn State? Pitts' most hated rival (that we never play). Now that I live in the mid-state no thank you; there are enough of JoePa's jock sniffers out here already... so I suffer with Pitt. Besides you don't just start rooting for another team because your team is lousy. That's for girls and people from Boston (you know it's right). On the bright side Pitt has earned (via a crappy regular season record) the opportunity this year to disappoint in front of the entire nation in the Brut Essence of Man Sun Bowl (people still use that shitty toilet water cologne?) So here are a couple of thoughts about Pitt and the game not a real running diary...I know. I'm lazy.

First this is our head coach...
Inspiring right?

I am not a Penn State fan as noted above but wouldn't you rather have this guy calling the shots?

Hey USC can you hear this? No? Maybe I should turn it up for you...

CBS is trying to sell this POS game as a defensive struggle... trying to fuck a virgin who forgot to take out her tampon is a defensive struggle this is a offensive struggle. They are terrible... I would commence drinking but I am as sick as a dog.

Verne Lundquist just said "Wannstedt told me that he gave it to Ricky Williams 14 straight times and is not afraid to do it again to LeSean McCoy." See blogging is easy.

Pitt lost 3-0... hope you bet the under.

After the game they gave a best lineman award to a Pitt player (Greg Romeos). They had to wait for him to run out of the tunnel to accept. It looked more like they were rubbing salt into his wounds than giving an award. Why not just mail the trophey to him?

The Oregon State head coach can't lift the trophy over his head... what a pussy.

Not much else to say, that game fucking sucked even if you are an Beaver fan (and hey who isn't) that game sucked.

Happy New Year and thanks for suckling on Daddy's Sugar Ball. See you in the New Year!


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