Alimony's is Real...

A little investigative reporting by your Links Editor (Bearcat) shows that the story from Max Power's Waste Mangement guys he met in Atlanta about Bruce Pearl and his ex-wife's salon were true. Read his fantastic post here.

Mrs. Ex-Bruce Pearl's salon even has it's own website. Check that out here... http://www.alimonyssalon.com/

In fact after about 30 seconds of searching on Google I was able to find this sweet news article from KnoxNews.com. I have taken the liberty to cut and past the text below for you, our loyal reader.

Kim Shrigley started a new chapter in her life Tuesday with the opening of Alimony's Hair & Nail Salon.
She funded the new business with money from her divorce from Bruce Pearl, the University of Tennessee men's basketball coach.
The name is aggressive, Shrigley said. But, "It's mine."
The unisex salon, at 7115 Kingston Pike in the West Hills area, offers clients hair and nail service, and Shrigley, who now goes by her maiden name, hopes to expand someday and include Botox treatments, facials and waxing.
Her ultimate goal for clients: "I want them to have had a nice experience and see that you can go through some horrible stuff and come out on top," she said. "It's not the end of the world. It feels like it at first, but it's not."
A nurse by profession, Shrigley in June dreamed up the idea of a salon because it would allow her flexibility to care for her two younger children, ages 13 and 14. She and Pearl also have two older children who attend UT.
She also thought "it would be fun," she said. "I've had friends who've run their own place. I thought, 'Why not?' "
Shrigley obtained a business license Nov. 1. She hired her hair stylist, Bubby Browning, who helped recruit three other workers. She is proprietor and manages the books and money.
She and Browning readied the store themselves. She selected the salon's bright green colors with black decor. She also textured and painted the walls herself.
The business's name, Alimony's, is written on the store front with green cursive and a red heart on top of the "i."
"The heart up there is to be that extra pain in the ass," she said with a laugh.
She acknowledged that people will likely associate her with her marriage to and divorce from Pearl. Her former husband, who will earn $1.6 million this season as coach of the men's basketball team, filed for divorce in September 2007.
But "If I can turn that negative into a positive, I can use that for a little while," she said.
A 15 percent discount is offered to clients who receive alimony. No divorce papers are needed for proof, she said.
The business is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.
"I think it's great," said customer Leslie Fischer of the salon, as Browning blow-dried her hair Tuesday. As for the name, she said, "It's cute."
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This picture is from the news article.

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