Mini Rant...Ray-Ray gets his.

Ray Lewis thought he would be in high demand. He wasn't. Lewis thought he'd get he would get a ludicrous amount of money to come dancing out of someone else’s tunnel. He didn't. So he had to crawl back to Baltimore with his tail between his legs. Ray-Ray is a Raven for life, but only because no one else wanted his antics and look at me attitude. As a Steelers fan I hope those hated Baltimore fans never forget that. I surely will not. Every time he comes dancing out of the locker room I am going to be reminded that Ray-Ray is not only a murderer but an unwanted side show in the former murder capitol of the US. We will be forced to watch ESPN talk about his leadership, his drive, his passion for the game and his antics will be sold as entertainment for the masses. But the reality is that he is a snitch (ratting on his homies to avoid his own sentencing), a clown in shoulder pads, who could not take his pre-game Krumping and whoop it up attitude anywhere but where he already was. A bitter pill for Lewis. Who better to have to swallow it? Ray-Ray is a self-styled outlaw who has cultivated a sleazy persona. The saving grace in this is the ultimate teammate and leader who betrayed his team was then forced to watch as the cruelest of mistresses, the free market, betrayed him. You are unwanted Lewis. Why Baltimore was willing to welcome you back after you were spurned from your big pay day courtship is an enigma. Now we will watch as you spin this reversal of fortune as loyalty to the only team that will have you. Christ... you are pathetic.

Please take me back...You know you were always the only one for me baby.

Sorry for the crappy picture we don't have enough readers to afford Photoshop so you get my crappy attempt to merge Say Anything and Ray-Ray... you get the point right.

Thanks for coming and suckling on Daddy's Sugar Ball,


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  1. say as u want .. ray was never convicted on those charges.