Villanova-Pitt Snapshot

Wow. That was an amazing Elite-8 game between Villanova and Pittsburgh tonight, with an equally exciting finish. By the time you read this, you may have already read one writer or another comparing this game to the Duke-Kentucky game of 1994. A fair comparison? Maybe, but probably not. There were some outstanding performances in tonight's game that goes beyond the all-out hustle by everyone on the floor and the infinite number of lead changes: Sam Young's 28 points in defeat; four 'Nova players in double-figures; and the Wildcats knocking down 22 out of 23 free throws.

But I'm not here to summarize the game for you. I had the distinct privilege of texting a Pittsburgh native (and thus, a Pitt fan) during the last hour of the game, and what follows is a running text diary of one of the most exciting NCAA Tournament games in recent memory. You may know Bearcat as our Links Editor, but he is also a big fan of all things Pittsburgh … and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

We pick up at the TV timeout with 10:07 remaining in the game and Villanova leading, 54-53. In the interest of integrity, spelling and punctuation has not been changed and I've added the score after some of the dialogue for context.

ZJ (8:50pm): Christ, this is a good game! (Nova 54, Pitt 53)

Bearcat (8:51): I'm about to jump off a bridge.

ZJ (8:52): What r u drinking?

Bearcat (8:53): Newcastle

Bearcat (8:53): Yes!!!!! (Pitt 55, Nova 54)

ZJ (8:55): All of a sudden, there's a lot of ticky-tack fouls being called on nova … they're tiring.

Bearcat (8:56): Yeah… Pitt is wearing them out. I'm feeling ok. (Nova 56, Pitt 55)

ZJ (8:59): You should be drinking Iron City.

Bearcat (9:01): WTF Pitt needs to get up with some dististance

ZJ (9:02): Will u please teach blair how to shoot free throws? (Nova 56, Pitt 55)

Bearcat (9:03): Pitt player can't hit from the line… Been that way for 10 years

ZJ (9:04): I thought it's been since sean miller graduated

Bearcat (9:05): Nice… Beer not working switch to jameson (Nova 59, Pitt 55)

ZJ (9:09): I knew it was only a matter of time.

Bearcat (9:11): Op

Bearcat (9:11): 22 fouls for nova (Nova 58, Pitt 57)

Bearcat (9:12): That is high but they are pressing

ZJ (9:14): Jesus they're 17-17 from the ft line!

Bearcat (9:15): That is keeping them in it… Might kill Us down the stretch (Nova 61, Pitt 60)

ZJ (9:16): Is the Jameson helping?

Bearcat (9:17): I'm loaded… Had a couple shots might need more

ZJ (9:17): OMG – is that assault!? (Pitt 67, Nova 65)

At this point the game was very physical. Also at this point, it should be noted that Bearcat went underground and all communications went silent for ten solid minutes.

Bearcat (9:27): Hey remember when the steeler won the the superbowl hold on to that… (Pitt 76, Nova 76)

ZJ (9:30): Damn. (Final - Nova 78, Pitt 76)

Bearcat (9:32): So now I have pirates pens and steelers off season

ZJ (9:34): That was a helluva game. Btw, I'm posting our running texts on DSB.

Bearcat (9:36): Nice… Info DSB that mrs. Bearcat was going nuts.

ZJ (9:37): That she likes nuts? Okay.

Bearcat (9:38): LOL… She is not laughing at that…

Bearcat (9:40): Post it… I'm now going to break something

Bearcat (9:41): I want to throw garbage in a nova player's families yard

As always, thanks for coming and suckling Daddy's Sugar Ball.

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