Random Thoughts from the Southern Outpost - Day 3

Some random thoughts from Day 3 of the ACC basketball tournament in Atlanta ...

• Today started out with the Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Parade...I don't know if it was the weather (40 degrees and rainy) or the lack of Irish descendants in the Atlanta area, but it's the first time I can honestly say I saw more people in a parade than those watching it. Seriously, Atlanta...what was the point?

• This is my 12th year coming to the ACC tournament and every year I am amazed at the loathing and sheer hatred for North Carolina and Duke by the other 10 ACC schools. If you weren't blatantly rooting for North Carolina or Duke today, you were hoping for a Florida State/Maryland final. Is that really a matchup anyone wants to see?

• Is there some unwritten rule that says pep band directors can't use songs from the last 5 years? I think I heard 3 recent songs the entire weekend so far (Coldplay's "Viva la Vida", Kanye West's "Golddigger", and the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"). But for every one of those, I heard tons of songs from the '70s and '80s (to just name a few: a-ha's "Take on Me", Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker", and the Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride"). What about Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" or Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback"? Why am I being tortured by the 3rd rendition of the B-52's "Love Shack"?

• The next installment of debatable topics from my friend Kyle...today's issue is: with the automakers getting massive amounts of money in the bailout, why is Chevrolet still sponsoring $1000 scholarships for the college basketball Players of the Game?

• Why would anyone want to work or play for Gary Williams at Maryland? All game he does nothing but constantly turn to the bench and yell at or berate a coach or player about events that just happened in the game.

• In person, I have seen how truly crappy the officiating is...I'm not sure the referees know what traveling is anymore. They are pretty good about correctly getting the step without a dribble to start a drive towards the hoop, but they are completely missing anything to do with a pivot foot or blatant steps especially underneath the basket.

• Based on fans' comments, I'm not sure they understand what "over the back" is...if we both jump up straight and I reach over you, that's clean...otherwise why would I ever jump if you were between me and the ball? According to your ignorant protests and pleas every time a properly boxed-out, offensive player touched or even rebounded the ball he should be whistled for over the back.

• Although requested from fellow editor Bearcat, I do not have pictures of the Florida State cheerleaders...however, I have a picture (albeit very grainy and out of focus) of ESPN's own Howie Schwab trying to show that he has some game.

The Schwab was walking through the hotel lobby around midnight or so when a young man (second from the left in the picture) called him over to say hello. Apparently the Schwab and this guy hit it off and he was asked to join the table. By 1am, it was just 4 of them left at the table and by 2:15am (when this photo was taken) things had become much cozier. Here's hoping the young blonde on the right got a chance to Stump the Schwab.

Check back tomorrow for more random thoughts from Day 4 of the ACC tournament.

Thanks for coming and suckling Daddy's Sugar Ball...

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  1. Another sweet post... can we get pictures of the FSU Cheerleaders? No need for pictures of the Duke Cheerleaders...we would like to keep our very few readers coming back.

    Also did you see the Schwab give a fist pump? (holding off from making fisting joke about the blonde) Was he wearing some heretofore unseen throwback jersey?