Raven's are running scared already...

Given that the Steelers are the World Champions of football they have earned the right to play their first game in prime time before a national audience. There will be pomp and circumstance with the presenting of the rings, additions to the Steelers Hall of Fame at Heinz Field and heeps of praise for what is the greatest francise in the NFL.

Unsurprisingly, the Baltimore Ravens don't want any part of it. NFL sources provided the Baltimore Sun with this story. The rumor was that the NFL wanted to start the season with the Ravens playing at Heinz Field for the Thursday night season opener. It would be a rematch of last seasons AFC Championship game (McGahee does not remember that game)

Unfortunately, I was not able to find video of Ray-Ray crying on the side line as they carted his BFF McGahee off the field.

The Ravens made a scheduling request that the NFL not schedule any prime time games against the Steelers. I did not know they accepted scheduling requests... especially BS ones like this. If they are accepting requests can the Steelers sign up to play Detroit and Texas after a late season bye? WTF? Pittsburgh has manhandled the Ravens recently winning all three match ups last year and delievering serious beatdowns during the last two prime time games (Steelers love MNF at home). But what does this say about your franchise and what message does it deliever to your team? I look forward to rubbing this in Ravens fans faces come next season. Your managament and your team are scared of the Steelers but why wouldn't you be. In what is becoming one of the best rivalries in the NFL they are not matching up. I would be scared as well... just not sure I would want everyone to know.

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