St. Patty's Day and Links

First happy St. Patrick's day to all our readers. Go have a beer and remember to drink a Jameson...

Today we debut a new addition to my weekly Link posting called The Jerk Store… basically it is a list of who I think are the DSB jerks of the week…So here it is the DSBs Jerks of the week

All those Hockey Jerks that think the NHL should ban fighting:

Why you are Jerks: With all the problems in hockey this…THIS is what you feel is needed to change hockey? Eliminate the fights? Every time I attend a hockey game (which is not as often as it should be) I hope that I leave there with the ability to describe it the next day as: “I went to the fights last night and a hockey game broke out.” I root for the goons. I like the goons. This is the scenario: We are going to put 5 guys on ice with glove that are over sized and restrict movement, sticks of wood, aluminum and carbon fiber and they are going to try to put a six ounce piece of vulcanized rubber into a small net guarded by a guy wearing enough padding to stop a bullet. By the way this is all going to happen in a rink, which is a nice way of saying cage. Yes, this is incredibly frustrating but if you fight with the other players who are also wearing pads just like you we are going to ban you from the game. You have got to give these guys a release… and a reason for people to show up. Just like NASCAR races are only cool when they have huge wreck some hockey games are only fun to watch when the player drop the gloves.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dan Leone

Why they are Jerks: The Philadelphia Eagles fired game-day employee Dan Leone because he criticized the team on Facebook. Seriously.

Dan Leone, a West Gate Chief (WTF is that?) and a six year employee for the Eagles, called him himself "fucking devastated" because safety Brian Dawkins had signed with Denver
, adding that the Eagles are "retarded." I agree with the retarded portion of his Facebook update...The Eagles are retarded but not for having let Dawkins go.

I know this is not a free speech issue, it's an employer-employee issue. Leone is obviously a die-hard fan after seeing pictures of him wearing those gag-inducing throwback jersey colors on local TV. Should his peripheral employment by the team really preclude him from opining on moves by the Eagles on Facebook? Are NFL teams that petty and controlling?

You bet your ass they are. In every city that has one NFL teams are incredibly powerful. Hell, in Pittsburgh
if Dan Rooney told the city to vote an Isaly Chipped Ham Sandwich in as Mayor it would win outright. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the kind of power and popularity NFL teams wield enables them to not only squash Jerks like Leone, but to garner the praises of their faithful.

Was Leone
a jerk who said something stupid… I mean letting Dawkins go (for a six year contract) was not all that bad a move. Did he overreact? Of course. By default (he is an Eagles fan), but he was a game day employee. So the question is this:
Is Eagles management trolling Facebook looking for negative remarks (would not surprise me) or did some fellow employee forward a link? If the later is the case then that guy is a Jerk too.

Cory Lidle’s Widow... Yeah that’s right, I’m going there!

Why she is a Jerk: On October 11, 2006 Cory Lidle drove a hard line drive into the center field wall…Wait that’s not right… he drove his plane into a Manhattan apartment building killing his co-pilot/instructor and himself. Now his widow Melanie Lidle is suing the airplane manufacturer for 50 million dollars. This 50 million fucking dollars figure is based on his former agent claiming that Lidle would have made 45 million dollars as a player/coach in baseball. WTF? Lidle was 35 and going to make 3 million dollars the next year playing baseball for the one team that arguably overpays everyone the New York Yankees. How the fuck was this guy going to make 45 million playing ball over the rest of rapidly diminishing playing career? Also remember that the NTSB, who tend to do a pretty good job regarding determining the cause of plane crashes, ruled pilot error (add that stat to the back of his baseball card).

Jerk Hall of Fame:

Billy Packer: Undeniably a lifelong Jerk…

Why he is a Hall of Fame Jerk: Beyond the recent stories of Billy Packer hiring a psychic to solve the O.J. Simpson murders (another Jerk HOF nominee) Packer has been a point of contention for all March Madness watchers in the past due to his curmudgeon attitude and crack pot analysis of college basketball and especially coaching. I had in the past regrettably defended CBS for keeping him on the air saying it gave us something to bitch about. If you are a frequent reader of DSB you know that the writers here love to bitch. So when CBS dropped him before this year’s college basketball season it was (at least for me) kind of bittersweet. A quick rundown of Packer’s best jerk moments: In 1996 during a Georgetown v. Villanova game Packer called Iverson a “tough monkey” and later was forced to apologize. In 2000, Packer before a men's basketball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium, stated, "Since when do we let women control who gets into a men's basketball game? Why don't you go find a women's game to let people into?" when the female student working security asked Packer to show his press pass. One word. Classy. Couple these incidents with his comments about St. John’s not being worthy of a number 1 seed prior to them making the Elite Eight, trashing the #1 slot earned by an undefeated Indiana State team headed by Larry Bird and only defeated by Magic Johnson in the championship game and the very public misfire of 2006 where Packer stated that the mid-majors did not deserve inclusion at the expense of “better” teams from larger conferences…needless to say Packer was eating crow when the Wichita State Shockers (a Bearcat favorite), Bradley and George Mason (in the Final Four) became to zenith of a Cinderella story Tourney. But nothing beats his use of the word “fag” in 2007 during an interview with Charlie Rose. "I can assure you I will use that phrase again and I won't think twice about it," Packer told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I said he fagged out on me, and it had nothing to do with sexual connotation," Packer, 67, said Wednesday in a phone interview. "I got to know Charlie a number of years ago and have great admiration for his program and intellect." Nothing like getting called to the carpet and saying: “Fuck it. Like I care what you think.”

This March will have a little less Madness without him… which is fine. Because it is supposed to be about basketball… with Billy Packer around it was always about Billy Packer.

So to you Billy Packer I say: The Jerk Store called and they are all out of YOU…


The ten most racist moments on TV...

Whores are using social networks to drum up business. Really... twittering for tricks. You can't make this stuff up.

MacGyver the movie is in the works... Awesome!

15 super hot women from Venezuela

Sex Myths Debunked


I am pretty sure that Max Power has railed against the D-Bag that is Pete Wentz... now you have another reason to think this guy is a tool

wow... what a douche

The number of boarder jumpers escaping from this van after it barrel rolls is unreal... but hey we don't have an immigration problem or anything.

Bearcat’s Not Quite Top Ten, Top Ten Game Shows that Sucked.

10. Hollywood Squares (I’ll take Jm J. Bullock for the block. It’s fucking Tic-Tac-Toe.)

9. Card Sharks (Contestants screamed “Higher”, “Lower” or “Freeze” I screamed change the channel.)

7. Supermarket Sweep (This POS was on the air from 1990 to 1995 and then for some fuckin’ reason again from 2000-2003)

6. Shop ‘til You Drop (A game show where you shop in a fake mall looking for bargains. This show was on the air from 1991 to 2005. I can only assume some people are skipping the 2000’s and just having two 1990’s instead.)

3. The Weakest Link (Mostly because I can’t stand Anne Robinson, the smug limey bitch)

2. Wheel of Fortune (It’s fucking Hang Man.)

1. Nick Arcade/Legends of the Hidden Temple (A tie! Proof that brain dead children in America will watch anything that Nick puts on TV.)

Stuff I thought…

If only those walls could talk. I think they'd say, "I've got mesothelioma."

You know a guy who knows a guy who can really screw us over? Great...I would like two.

Someday this beautiful family heirloom will find its way to a pawn shop.

Fucking off at work can be really tiring if you don’t do it very often.

Mini Rant…(great more bitching from someone I don’t even know)

Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-boyfriend Howard K. Stern and a couple of doctors were charged this week with 11 felony counts regarding conspiracy, unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict. No Shit. Really? They were providing her with drugs? Get the fuck out. The California DA who is prosecuting these sycophants described it this way: "These individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," You read that right thousands. A short read of any news report about these charges goes into amazing detail about the unbelievable volume of drugs that were not only provided to but ingested by the woman. The four members of Motley Crue used few drugs over the course of entire tours compared to the final five weeks of Smith. Seriously… read the reports.

Stern and company used Smith as a cash cow. She was worth billions after her sham marriage to that prune looking oil tycoon and those around her wanted access to the dollars. The best way keep that cash flowing was to keep Smith in a constant state of drug induced stupor. Howard K. Stern looks like a slime ball. From his slick hair and persona to his self righteous attitude about Anna “wishes” he has been, just like everyone else associated with this woman, repulsive. It was obvious from the beginning that he and her handlers allowed this women to live her life in a prescription drug haze that on more than one occasion hung between life and either coma or death. Stern and the doctors most likely are responsible not only for the death of this strange but at one time stunningly beautiful woman but also for her son Daniel. Following her passing it was pretty obvious that Stern thought he has hit the lottery. He made the claim to what he assumed was his daughter and even after the paternity tests showed he was not the father he attempted to gain custody via the courts. Stern and the others will never stand trial for these deaths, nor do I really think that they should…but you have to wonder if they even care. My guess is… They don’t.

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