Random Thoughts from the Southern Outpost - Day 4

Some random thoughts from Day 4 of the ACC basketball tournament in Atlanta ...

• Either the Atlanta Hawks or the NBA needs to get their heads out of their ass. The ACC Championship game was scheduled for a 1pm tipoff at the Georgia Dome. It just so happened that the Hawks had a game against the Portland Trail Blazers at the exact same time right next door. Why would they have not moved this game to 2 or 5? My guess is that they think they are bigger than any other game in town.

• When did teams start bringing chairs or stools out onto the court during timeouts? And more importantly, why? The only advantage I can see is that a circle of players and coaches can see the plays...but is the current row of chairs on the bench that much of a hindrance? Does the scrubini walk-on at the end of the bench really need to know what inbounds play is going to be run?

• After watching her sideline report her way around all weekend, I can say with certainty that Heather Cox is vastly underrated. In a world where Erin Andrews dominates the media attention and all the fanboys' lurid fantasies, Cox doesn't get the recognition she deserves. Maybe she's just in my wheelhouse, but I think she's damn fine. Judge for yourself.

• Leonard Hamilton must get up every morning and thank his lucky stars for Sidney Lowe. Because if it wasn't for Lowe, Hamilton would be the most clueless coach working in the ACC. In the championship game, Hamilton ran no plays to take advantage of Florida State's massive height and athleticism advantage. Hamilton must have forgotten that 7'1", 241 lb center Solomon Alabi was still on his team since he virtually banished him to the bench for most of the second half.

• How in the hell did Arizona make it into the Big Dance? I don't have a particular rooting interest in any of the teams that got the short end of the stick, but it seems to me that St. Mary's had a compelling argument. They were 26-6 and that includes going 6-3 while their best player was out with a broken hand. That means they were 20-3 with him in the lineup. How are they not more deserved than Arizona who went 19-13 and 9-9 in a weak Pac-10?

• Why are 2 teams who won their conference tournaments forced to participate in the play-in game? Alabama State and Morehead State are slated to play for the opportunity to face Louisville on Tuesday night in Dayton. Why can't the last two at-large bids play this game? Wouldn't a Maryland/Wisconsin matchup be more compelling? You could still slate that winner in as an #11 seed in one of the regions. The only saving grace this year is that the winner of the game can stay in Dayton for the 1st round and won't be forced to travel.

• Did you know that Florida State's dance team is called the Golden Girls? Once I got the image of Bea Arthur and Betty White shaking their moneymakers out of my head, I was able to enjoy their performance at the timeouts and halftime. I'm not sure if their dance moves are extremely technical or groundbreaking, but they are a HUGE upgrade over the Duke cheerleaders. And you can book them for your next event.

Thanks for coming and suckling on Daddy's Sugar Ball...


  1. Me likey some Heather Cox.

  2. I went to a Seattle Storm playoff game last night, and at some point, perhaps before the game, I noticed this dazzling woman walking right to left across the full length of the court. Blue dress with matching heels, beyond-fantastic figure, and drop-dead gorgeous in every way. I took every opportunity to check her out whenever she was on the floor, such as when she interviewed each head coach during the game, then a star player after the game. Too bad I didn't have a courtside seat! Today, I absolutely had to find out who she was, that's how stunning she is. It's difficult info to get, i.e. they don't have a list of their personalities on ESPN's website (from what I can tell), but from the list I could come up with via Google, she was the reporter. Don't miss her! Hopefully, she'll be reporting at game #2 of that series that's televised on ESPN2 on Saturday at noon. But, in person gets you the complete picture. You won't be disappointed.