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Today's beer review is for Murphy's Irish Stout... I have been a long time fan of Murphy's. Guinness is my favorite mainstream beer and Stouts are my favorite variety of beer so naturally I am a big fan of Irish Dry Stouts and Murphy's is an excellent example. This beer today was sampled from a 16 oz. widget can poured into a fat pint glass. It pours just like a Guinness with the beautiful cascading effect after a vigorous pour. It settles out with a rich black body with a red mahogany hue when held up to the light. This is topped with a light brown creamy thick head that stays with you for the entire pint. The taste has some faint chocolate traces with roasted grains and a coffee like finish. Not as chocolately or coffee like as Guinness can some can sometimes be; more malty. The beer is silky smooth thanks to the creamy head. This is a beer for when you decide "I want Guinness but I want to save 4 bucks on a case." or if you are in the mood to just try something different but at the same time familiar. Drink this beer while watching English Premier League Soccer or Rugby then go hooligan and punch some ass wipe wanker in the face for drinking his sissy Coors Light. If you are looking to try another Irish Dry Stout also check out Beamish. Another of Bearcat's highly rated beers.

Here are some thoughts I had that I thought needed to be shared here with you, DSB's loyal readers...

If Olive Garden really was like family, the chef would be crying in the kitchen, and the waiter would accuse your brother of being gay.

If I were Ladainian Tomlinson, I would wait until I got out of the locker room to eat my Campbell's soup.

Policy in Effect: Sheepskin boots are reserved for the women in snowy climates who need them. You look stupid walking around NYC on a 58 degree day in those.

People who make jokes about bulimia make me want to puke.

Is it just me or are does there seem to be a lot of hot chicks in anorexia treatment programs?

In public restrooms, I always give air fresheners the middle finger... just in case they're actually hidden cameras.

I don't trust a man who uses emoticons. I don't like being winked at by you or a smiley face representing you.

What's with all the hype around Lance Armstrong? It's not he's curing canc- What? He is? Oh

Now for some links...

Wondering what your favorite sports athletes are making? Thanks... USAToday!

Has MNF run its course? With last weeks game of 49ers vs. Cardinals followed by this weeks Brown at Bills you have to wonder who the hell sets up these games... oh yeah, its ESPN.

AskMen's top 99 women of 2009... they need your vote. If you don't vote who else is going to denigrate these women as mear sex objects. Its your duty.

Nine of Jame's Bond best sex puns

Fox cancels Mad TV ... Wait you mean to tell me that Mad TV spent 14 years on TV but they canceled Arrested Development after only 3 seasons? 14 seasons for Mad TV... they waited 12 seasons too long to cancel that POS. This makes me angry.

Speaking of cancellations... My Own Worst Enemy was It's Own Worst Rating Enemy. Christian Slater is now shopping a script for Young Guns 3 around town.

The six most unintentionally hysterical old school PSAs

16 Awesome Senior Portraits... If you fail to follow any of these links please don't let it be this one. It is that good.

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