Good Riddance

Tonight is one of those nights that remind me I’m getting older…tonight is my 20th High School Class Reunion. But I won't be hearing Green Day's "Time of Your Life" over a montage of old photos.

I haven’t attended any of the previous reunions and I have no intention of going tonight or ever. For the rest of my life I will ignore the mailings and phone calls every five years. That’s actually not true; I’ve somehow successfully threatened the powers that be to remove me from the contact list as if I’ve never existed. It’s only a matter of time though until my mother (who still resides in the town) gives my contact information away to someone.

Why is this year any different? My best friend (and former class president and valedictorian) has finally broken down and agreed to go this time. Out of a class of roughly 160 other students, he’s the one person I’ve wanted to and stayed in contact with all these years. Quite frankly, I can’t believe he’s going but he was always the pragmatic one. Last I knew a paltry 28 alumni were going to be attending and for his sake, I hope he has a good time…but it’s going to be without me.

As far as I’m concerned, the KAHS Class of 1988 can go to hell.

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  1. Wow... this is quite a random posting on DSB. I agree with Max Power I refuse to go to mine. There are a half dozen people I wish to see and when I return home I see them. I don't need to attend my HS reunion. Unless of course I become a millionaire then I want to rub it in everyones face. Then I will go.