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Welcome to Daddy’s Sugar Ball. Here at this site the contributing editors (Cap, Max Power and Bearcat) will be taking turns lampooning, attacking, discussing and showing anything but indifference to all the important stuff in a man’s life. Expect the general trend of the site to be irreverent posts about Sports, Beer, Hot Chicks, Music, Movies and TV. Pretty much nothing is out of bounds. When it comes to sports there will be special emphasis on the NFL, Baseball, and College Hoops with the occasional NCAA football discussion. NBA comments will most likely be limited to “Kobe is a rapist,” and discussion of the shooting-du-jour by NBA players ill-prepared to be multimillionaires. When the baseball hot stove heats up, Cap and Max Power will be there to dissect the moves. These two will also provide great reviews of new music and provide a way to find bands and songs that are a must. Expect regular reviews of all kinds of beer. Bearcat will personally take one for the team and post frequent beer reviews - making sure your hard-earned beer money is not wasted on shitty beer. We hope to have frequent posting but not necessarily daily; so check back often. When events permit, look for running diaries and/or roundtable discussions between the contributors. A great example will be tonight’s Running Diary of the Steelers vs. Redskins Monday Night Football game. This running diary will be done by Bearcat and will appear tomorrow.

Thanks for coming and suckling on Daddy’s Sugar Ball.

The Editors

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