Things that pissed me off this week

Please Don't Forget to Recycle!
Twice this past week I happened to catch Rome is Burning, and I can't say that I completely hate Jim Rome's narcissistic self-reacharounds. It's actually fun sometimes. Hey, we can all agree that our little Jimmy is clearly a C-list celeb in the ESPN pecking-order, as evidenced by a few of his guests this week, but I think we can also agree that he is either a.) severely misguided concerning his own importance, or b.) mailing it in. The first guest I happened to catch was Josh Hamilton and by now, we all know his story, right? First overall pick, drugs, drugs, drugs (five more suspensions due to drugs, salvation, yada, yada, yada), All-Star. Nevertheless, Jim's first direction to Josh was to "tell us about your past." Now, Josh has a book coming out this week, but still ... can't Jimmy even try? Make an effort for me.

The next day's guest was Warrick Dunn. And ... we all know Warrick's tale. But Jimmy immediately went to the standard, stale opening of "Warrick, take us back to that day ..." when Warrick's mother was shot and killed. No offense to Warrick Dunn, his family or his contributions to the community, but I've heard Warrick's story at least a dozen times in the last twelve years. I remember first hearing about Warrick's mom when I was in college in the early-nineties. For a news show, no new ground was covered. This is recycled news. Jimmy, this isn't ESPN Classic, for chrissakes.

Better Late than Never!
I've heard two major complaints about the World Series. Those are a.) it starts too late and b.) the ratings drop every year. Has anyone considered that the reason for the historically-low World Series Nielsen ratings is because of the extremely late start times? It's no secret that Fox determines the start times, yet complains when the ratings are too low ... umm, that's called a causal relationship, Fox. For instance, Game 3 began at 10:06pm ET. How the fuck am I supposed to stay up until 10:06pm for the first pitch? And then you're going to complain that I wasn't tuned in at 1:30am for the ninth inning? Fuck you, Fox.

For the Love of God, Why?
Everyone hates the Fox robot. Everyone. Despite his technically-advanced visage, this insanely-stupid graphic even has a name to keep the redneck demographic tuned in ... and his name is Cletus. But my question is, why the hell is Cletus doing push-ups and jumping rope during the intros?!? Why? I don't get it. I give up.

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  1. No offense to Bearcat's beers or links...but this is clearly going to be my favorite recurring feature.