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As I pointed out in my Steelers vs. Redskins Running Diary I recently sampled Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout. My review of this fine beer appears today with what I hope to be two parts of my regular contributions. Links and Beer Reviews. First the beer:

I got this fine brew in standard brown 12 oz. bottles. It poured into the glass smoothly like a stout should; pitch black with a lightly tan head. The head was short and lacing on the glass was consistent through out the drink. Displayed a bubbliness that was unexpected given the very short head, so I might be guilty of a bad pour.

Lots of oatmeal and some coffee to the aroma. A tanginess that might be hops. Maybe it was going for well-balanced, it simply smells a wee bit off to me. I like my Stouts to be malty, that is just me.

Hints of dark chocolate and coffee to the taste to accompany a bevy of oats. Very noticeable roasted taste. My impression is of beer made from burnt oats, not so much roasted malts. Still had an excellent finish. This beer is highly drinkable. ABV is 4.7%

Lightly bodied, well-carbonated, and strongly recommended. Bearcat gives it 4 beer mugs out of 5.

On to the links...

In the spirit of Election Day... The six most insane people to run for President.

A Jogger ran a mile with a rabid fox locked on her arm.

Microsoft officially retired Window's 3.1 through 3.11 on November 1st... 2008. Yeah you read that right. Windows 3.1 was Microsoft first GUI (Graphical User Interface) software and pretty much made PCs what they are today. Hope you are ready to upgrade from that old IBM 386 machine... I remember looking at these for the first time and being blown away. Now I look at Vista and want to shoot Bill Gates. (Me: Wait, with Vista my computer is just sitting there turned on doing nothing but Vista is using 1.5 GB of RAM? Why? Microsoft sales guy: It is being ready for you to do something. This was an actual conversation)

Do you like bacon then you will love Baconnaise. FUCK YEAH!

The ten most expensive accidents of all time
... Exxon Valdez is only number 6.

Steeler Country is everywhere... Just ask the Redskins

Jeter worst fielder in the the majors???

Now for your viewing pleasure...

Pittsburgh Penguins Stevens and Trottier Heckling Bellows

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