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Today is Anne Hathaway’s Birthday...

Anne Hathaway is my number 1…Mrs. Bearcat is surprisingly ok with this... couple that with the fact that she has sat at the top of my standings for some time now and in tribute to this super hot Hollywood babe some great shots for you to enjoy…

Now for a quick rundown of the NFL Rookies through week 10 of the NFL season… I decided to do a run down after watching Matt Ryan over the past couple weeks look really impressive and after realizing so many Rookies are getting it done in their first year.

Matt Ryan (Falcons) – With Chris Johnson’s horrible day against the Bears, Matt Ryan is definitely the frontrunner for rookie of the year. Ryan is now 6-3 as a starter and had another great day against the Saints. Ryan completed 16 of 23 passes for nearly 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. That being said he is no Dan Marino… at least not yet. Ryan is seriously overshadowing another decent rookie on the Falcons Chevis Jackson who has one interception but had been pretty good at CB.
Glenn Dorsey (Chiefs) – Dorsey got his first career sack Sunday against Philip Rivers. Although some Chiefs fans expected more sacks out of Dorsey, he’s a defensive tackle and sacking the QB isn’t exactly what they drafted him for. In what is an impressively crappy season for the Chiefs this guy might be the brightest spot.
Joe Flacco (Ravens) – Flacco is now 6-3 as a starter and he’s not simply relying on the Ravens defense to win games. Flacco is playing extremely well as he went 15 for 23 for 185 yards and 2 touchdowns this past week. This is his second straight week with 2 touchdowns. While he’s been overshadowed a bit by Matt Ryan, Flacco is having a great year for a rookie QB. Of course the Ravens will destroy any hope of actually having a decent QB in the coming weeks because… well because they are the Ravens and they don’t have decent QBs.
Chris Johnson (Titans) – Chris Johnson finally rolled craps Sunday against the Bears. He had a paltry 8 yards on 14 carries but the Titans remain undefeated. Despite the poor performance, Johnson still leads all rookies in rushing yards. This guy has the benefit of having the best O-line in the NFL and getting tons of carries (on most Sundays) because the Titans like nothing better than to grind it out.
Dustin Keller (Jets) – Brett Favre had 167 passing yards Sunday and Keller had 107 of them. Keller had just 136 yards prior to playing the Rams. He has become a bigger target for the Jets in the past few weeks and is turning into a tight end to watch. I am picking him up in my Fantasy Football league right now… you might want to consider it as well.
Eddie Royal (Broncos) – Royal exploded on the scene early this season and after week one had people ready to call him Rookie of the Year. Since then he has been more quietly getting it done week in week out but… he had his best game of the season statistically on Thursday. Royal had 6 catches for 164 yards and leads all rookies in receptions and receiving yards. Of course on Sunday when he had 164 yards…I had him sitting on my bench. I will play him this week so expect him to get a sprained ankle… sorry Eddie.
Matt Forte (Bears) – On Sunday Forte was the Bears offense. I should know I played against him and every other NFL player who had a career day this past Sunday in Fantasy. Forte had 126 of the Bears 243 total yards including a 5-yard touchdown pass. Forte is now just 10 yards behind Chris Johnson for the lead in rookie rushing yards.
DeSean Jackson (Eagles) – The Eagles are making use of Jackson’s athleticism. He’s returning punts, has been McNabb’s number one receiver. In the first quarter Sunday they lined him up in shotgun as he took the snap and ran it in from 9 yards out, this time being sure not to get a case of premature ejaculation…err, celebration.
Kevin Smith (Lions) – On Sunday Smith just fell short of his first 100-yard rushing day, kind of like how the Lions fall short in every possible way. He had 96 yards on 23 carries for the woeful Lions. He scored his 5th touchdown which puts him tied for 2nd among rookie RB’s. I am putting the chances of a 0-16 season by the Lions at 60-40 right now. I would put it much, much higher but I have a feeling that the Lions (who always out perform on Thanksgiving) will be able to pull one out before the end of the season.
Tim Hightower (Cardinals) – Hightower had his first start last week and topped 100 yards for the first time this year. Well, his encore was not nearly as impressive. He rushed for just 22 yards on 13 carries but the Cardinals still won 29-24 over the 49ers. Hightower has eclipsed The Edge at this point and has shown that he can carry the load for The Buzzsaw. I am very high on this guy. He is my new Marshawn Lynch.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Associates; Law Firm LLC (Patriots) – Or The Firm as he should be called will be the hot waiver wire pickup in fantasy leagues if he’s still available. BenJarvus rushed for 105 yards on 26 carries and put the game against the Bills away with a 1-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter. Green-Ellis now has a touchdown in four straight games. He gets another chance to impress tomorrow night on in front of a not quite national audience on a channel no one gets. Should be great.
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